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The methods by which legal rights are enforced; the specific machinery for carrying on a lawsuit, including process, the pleadings, rules of evidence, and rules of Civil Procedure or Criminal Procedure.

The form, manner, and order of steps taken in conducting a lawsuit are all regulated by procedural law, which regulates how the law will be administered. Substantive Law creates and defines rights that exist under the law.


Civil Procedure.

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n. the methods and mechanics of the legal process. These include filing complaints, answers and demurrers, serving documents on the opposition, setting hearings, depositions, motions, petitions, interrogatories, preparing orders, giving notice to the other parties, conduct of trials, and all the rules and laws governing that process. Every state has a set of procedural statutes (often called the Codes of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure), courts have so-called "local rules," which govern times for filing documents, conduct of the courts and other technicalities. Law practice before the federal courts operates under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure). Procedural law is distinguished from "substantive" law, which involves the statutes and legal precedents upon which cases are tried and judgments made.

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a) Patients not undergoing further invasive procedure:
"Such groundbreaking work in the field of interventional cardiology means that many patients who previously needed major open heart surgery can now be treated successfully and reliably using minimally invasive procedures under local anaesthesia on a day-case basis.
HIV-infected women with an indication for an invasive procedure may present already on antiretroviral treatment (ART), initiated either before or after conception.
There are no data available to suggest a viral load at which HIV transmission is unlikely to occur with an antenatal invasive procedure, and data from general MTCT studies cannot be extrapolated to cases with invasive procedures.
A minimally invasive procedure involves the use of laparoscopic devices and special medical equipment such as fibre optic cables, surgical instruments and miniature video cameras.
"If we can have half of our coronary heart disease patients avoiding invasive procedures, it would be a huge achievement," he said.
A reasonably prudent patient would find information that his physician is infected with HIV material to his decision to consent to a seriously invasive procedure because the potential harm is severe and the risk, while low, is not negligible.
The European Commission has also granted marketing authorization for DOPTELET for the treatment of severe thrombocytopenia in adult patients with CLD who are scheduled to undergo an invasive procedure.
In an invasive procedure, the body tissues are penetrated by an instrument during the surgical operation.
Following tests, doctors discovered a blocked artery and he underwent a "minimally invasive procedure of coronary stenting", which was declared a success.
However, one complication--bladder perforation--was more common with the minimally invasive procedure (6%) than with the traditional procedure (1%).
A minimally invasive procedure to cure uterine fibroids was less expensive, but also less effective, than surgery in a new study.

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