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More worryingly, many seem to see British inventiveness as something in the past - almost seven in ten (69%) are aware that we invented the steam engine - let alone that it was North East pioneer George Stephenson - while just over two in ten, 22%, are aware we gave the world modern-day carbon fibre too.
Moreover, as a feat of construction, it embodies Piano's characteristic inventiveness, riffing on technologies of timber and glass that first found more modest expression with the IBM Travelling Pavilion (AR November 1984).
Altogether, Mda's choice of setting, his quirky but compelling characters, his use of humor, and his inventiveness make this novel, his fifth, a standout.
Utility models are registered industrial property rights granting holders exclusive protection for technical inventions, especially those with a limited degree of inventiveness or a relatively short exploitation span.
From the sheer madness of some of the products at CES to the sheer inventiveness of James Bongiorno's circuitry to the sheer delight of disc player s in the budget-price range, all we can say is, "Go figure
These were pictures and images that inspired children's imagination and fueled the inventiveness of future astrophysicists, rocket scientists, university scholars.
Our editors' huge haul of news from K 2004 (look for it next month) tells me that shows are still an efficient way for suppliers to communicate their inventiveness, problemsolving abilities, and market savvy.
Made for The Royal Ballet in 2000, the work shows Wheeldon's inventiveness with the classical vocabulary.
Creativity, inventiveness, and being open to change are part of culture.
According to Pagels these differences between Thomas and John reflect a difference in attitude toward theological inventiveness between second-century and third-century "Thomas Christians," on the one hand, and "John Christians" on the other.
Franklin defines the new Florentine Renaissance style they embodied, with its basis in drawing and the human form, as one of an "obsessiveness with inventiveness in all of its aspects" (39), and sees Michelangelo, in particular, as having pursued perfection "with an almost debilitating integrity" (79).