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The fit is not perfect, but is reasonably good analytical model of the temperature profile in the inversion layer.
For four burns, ground-level winds were low at 2 to 3 miles per hour (mph), and the plume from the burn rose up to the apparent height of the inversion layer where it was observed to spread out, sometimes in the opposite direction of the ground wind direction.
In contrast to Tillman, the relationship between POM and the presence of an inversion layer was weaker at the Northeast site (p < 0.
In n-devices, an inversion layer of electrons will form at the oxide/silicon interface, creating localized electron trapping.
Avoid burning when fire danger is high or an inversion layer (which inhibits the upward motion of air) is likely.
But it does, thanks to the vagaries of the weather, particularly a sporadic inversion layer that traps smoke and other emissions and a widespread dependence on diesel power.
Able to form at any height - from as little as a few feet to several hundred feet above the ground - an inversion layer can move laterally for long distances.
When a sufficiently large positive voltage is applied to the gate with respect to the source, an inversion layer (or channel) is formed between the two n-type regions.
This house was located between SF City College and San Francisco State (now University), where "Shirl" attended, a short walk or a fast ride by car from home to campus: this was also the fog-belt, particularly in summer, where an inversion layer kept this part of the city under wraps, as a medicinal, condemnatory section of an unwanted neighborhood, a place called "home.
Uprushing air from the heaters would punch holes in the inversion layer.
Optimism in the sense that human ingenuity can always find an answer to any kind of pickle, but despair that this pickle--air pollution created by an inversion layer above and a solid line of traffic below--might be beyond getting out of.
Located 5,800 feet above Pasadena, the observatory is near the top of the inversion layer that causes the famous Los Angeles smog; the observatory is affected little by the basin's light-pollution.