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Observation 3 The 210 -avoiding inversion sequences are precisely those that can be partitioned into two weakly increasing subsequences.
Proof: [T.sub.n,a,-1] is the number of weakly increasing inversion sequences with [e.sub.n] = a.
recessions that have occurred since 1955 came between six months and 24 months after an inversion in the yield curve of two-year and 10-year Treasury yields.
Despite the negative knee-jerk reaction to the news, most market experts are sharing a more measured response to the inversion.
I find that a common cause of the failure to predict yield curve inversions is a failure to predict the magnitude of the rise in the 1-year Treasury rates.
This figure shows that yield curve inversions preceded each of the three previous recessions.
[18] compared data from five reanalysis attempts and were able to show that moisture inversions can also occur outside Arctic and Antarctic areas, although much less frequently and with less intensity.
Corporate inversions have drawn outrage from all segments of society.
They show where the moment tensor inversions are (un-)stable due to a receiver configuration.
[43] considered a simultaneous inversion problem for determining the space-dependent diffusion and source coefficients in the multiterm TFDE using the optimal perturbation regularization algorithm, and quite a few numerical inversions are presented.
Chromosome inversions are important evolutionary events often associated with adaptation and cladogenesis.
"Are Corporate Inversions Good for Shareholders?" by Anton Babkin, Brent Glover, and Oliver Levine.