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The placement of a particular sum of money in business ventures, real estate, or Securities of a permanent nature so that it will produce an income.

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n. the money put into use for profit, or the property or business interest purchased for profit. (See: invest)

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the process by which funds are deployed with the object of producing gain, either in the form of income or addition to capital.
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Investing activities are actions that produce dividends and interest by leaving you feeling more energized.
"The capital of Kazakhstan has created the most attractive conditions for investing activities," Kazinfrom cites the mayor.
CLICO declared profits of TT$6.2 billion from its investing activities for the financial year, which eclipsed the TT$2.2 billion loss from insurance activities.
For the 12 months, income from investing activities amounted to Dh18.98 million compared to Dh13.59 million for the previous reporting period, on an annualised basis.
And those high-net-worth Gen Y investors frequently turn to social media for personal finance and investing activities:
The adjustment recorded was to properly classify cash used for origination of mortgage loans of $3.6 billion from cash flows from investing activities to cash flows from operating activities for the year ended December 31, 2004.
The "operations" are considered to be all activities of the business outside of financing activities (activities involving interest-bearing debt and equity capital) and investing activities (activities involving the purchase and sale of long-term assets such as furniture, equipment and real estate).
You are required to complete the identification of the net cash from operating activities and to compute the cash flows resulting from investing activities. These are to be shown in an abbreviated statement containing the net cash flows from each of the three activities; the net flow of cash during the year; the cash balance at 1 January 2011; and the cash balance at 31 December 2011.
Not only did the articles help me in this respect, but I was pleasantly surprised to read articles related to the private investing activities that currently occupy a substantial amount of my time (including capital losses, hedge funds, and not-for-profits).
Declining revenues from investing activities and an increase in provisions are some of the drivers behind this decline in profitability.
At Walgreens, Dubinsky oversees all financing, banking and investing activities. In addition, he is responsible for corporate risk management and partnering on investor relations matters.
At Qatar Islamic, net income from lending jumped 54pc to 254.1m riyals, and net income from investing activities almost doubled to 353.7m riyals.