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Skipper Karl Garica not only looks like Pascal Cygan of the Invincibles Arsenal squad, but played like him all season holding the backline and pulled off many last-ditch tackles to prevent the opposition scoring.
Dan Crawford was a playmaker for County FC and chipped in with vital goals like Dennis Bergkamp of the Invincibles squad.
The Invincible was supposed to be the best of the best.
The three in Fairfax all share identical engraving and inlay and if one is a documented Invincible, they all must be.
2012 FREEZE COMPANY Wenger with Pires and Henry at a chilly training ground yesterday 2003 THREE'S COMPANY The trio during the Invincible season
The deal also includes delivering full match day hospitality to all 22 executive boxes, along with servicing the two main function rooms - the Guild Lounge and the Invincibles Lounge.
Adam Franklin, managing director of Franklins Hospitality, said: "We have been working alongside Preston North End since the Invincibles Pavilion opened.
The Chelsea skipper declared last week that "the invincible feeling we had three years ago" is once again coursing through the corridors of Stamford Bridge.
Terry insists Chelsea have become scary again, saying: "I really think we're getting back that invincible feeling we had three years ago.