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If a derivation D satisfies that [D.sup.2] = Id, then D is called an involutive derivation on A.
The necessary and sufficient condition for the integrality of the Pfaffian constraint equations is that their solution space is an involutive distribution.
The ulcerative lesion scared and it started an involutive evolution.
Definition 1 We say that a bipartite graph G is symmetric if there is an involutive graph automorphism of G that interchanges its two parts.
(4) an involutive EQ-algebra if it contains a bottom element 0 and for all x [member of] L it holds that [conjunction][conjunction] = x.
complete and completely distributive lattice whose least and greatest elements are denoted by 0 and 1 respectively with an involutive order reversing operation ' : [Laplace] [right arrow] [Laplace]).
Administration of mulberry for 10 days has a pronounced antischistosomal activity where it diminished granuloma sizes extensively and decreased the number of involutive granulomas as compared with the infected control mice.
Chemical-binding is a means of life-experimentation, a means of becoming, which is involutive. The space or environment man inhabits is part of man as a machinic assemblage.
Thus [T.sub.0] is involutive. Suppose now that X and Y belong to [T.sub.[lambda]].
Their topics include asymptotic spherical analysis, the restriction of discrete series of semi-simple Lie groups to reductive subgroups, the extension of symmetric spaces and restrictions of Weyl groups and invariant polynomials, generalized Weil representations over involutive rings, and quasi-reductive supergroups.
Let L = (L, [less than or equal to]) be complete lattice with an involutive order reversing operation N : L [right arrow] L.