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Forough Allahyari Pour: Evaluating of Ion Pairs Effects on Iranian Salty and Sodium Soil
In such a nonpolar medium ions will not dissociate but form ion pairs or higher aggregates depending on the ions and medium properties.
i] Level of treatment of Non corrected the ionic for ion pair concentration formation Irrigation waters 56000 [+ or -] 500 109300 [+ or -] 1500 Soil extracts 49000 [+ or -] 700 113000 [+ or -] 3000 Soil extracts (A) 65200 [+ or -] 1400 98000 [+ or -] 2000 EC v.
Firstly, inorganic anions form ion pair complexes with heavy metals and may thereby reduce the sorption of heavy metals.
The stearate ion formed a strong, stable and tight ion pair with bulky triethyl benzyl ammonium cation of TEBA.
Whereas, a plot of 1/kobs versus 1/[BrO -] is linear with a positive and non-zero intercept (Fig 3) which is indicative of ion pair formation between charged species.
We carried out ion pair separation by use of the Phenomenex ODS-3 reversed-phase column with a mobile phase containing 5 mmol/L tetrabutylammonium, 5% methanol, and 3 mmol/L malonic acid (pH 5.
HPLC methods have been reported, but these generally require ion pair chromatography (4,5) or sample derivatization (6) to improve the chromatography.
Every metabolite was analyzed with its own specific ion pair, only adenosine, uridine, and thymidine also showed the same ion pairs as adenine, uracil, and thymine because of spontaneous fragmentation in the ion source.
The signal-to-noise (5/N) ratio for each ion pair was calculated as S/N = (peak height - baseline)/SD (baseline), using the S/N script supplied by Applied Biosystems (Analyst Ver.
Two distinct ion pairs were analyzed for nicotine and cotinine and one ion pair for trans-3'-hydroxycotinine, anabasine, nornicotine, nicotine-[d.
Combined affinity and ion pair liquid chromatographies for analysis of folate distribution in tissues.