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Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of Material To Gram Panchayat Kotmi Metal 80 mm , Metal 40 mm , Metal 30 mm kreshar, Metal 20 mm kreshar, Metal 10 mm kreshar, Metal 06 mm kreshar, Sand , Murum , Cement , Steel 6mm, Steel 8 mm , Steel 10 mm , Steel 12 mm , Steel 16 mm , asian paints, pvc pipe 90mm, Binding wire (centring tar), Briks, Iorn Sheet , Iorn Angle , iron door with frame and palla, paving block, water proffing liquid, water proffing Net, mixer with oprator, jcb with oprator, tiles ceramic
Tenders are invited for Supply of various types of construction materials (1 Steel (2 iorn (2 Cement etc