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purchase of iron metallurgy products under a framework contract for sale and purchase experience volume: 230,333 units of quantity / 12 months the contracting authority reserves the right, Within the scope of the contract, To order, In addition to the items in the table of the unit price table annexed to the contract, The delivery of items subject to the procedure, In accordance with public procurement documents, Up to a maximum of 10% of the amount specified in the contract.
Around the end of the first millennium or the beginning of the second, extensive iron metallurgy and clearing of land with iron hoes led to the diminishment of secondary forests south of the Kagera Region (which is situated along the shore of Lake Victoria in present-day Tanzania).
Quartz for fibre optics and solar cells, olivine for the iron metallurgy industry, ilmenite for the paint industry, limestone for numerous purposes, and refined dimension stone products are examples that probably only describe the beginning of a relatively new field in economic geology.