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The new plant will allow Huntsman to use a wider range of feedstock to produce its TIOXIDE[R] and ALTIRIS[R] pigments, reduce the generation of gypsum in the process, and convert spent acid from TiO2 pigment manufacturing into iron sulfate products for the water treatment, animal feed, and cement markets.
You can acidify Valley soil by adding peat moss, iron sulfate or gypsum to it during planting, by using fertilizer that is formulated specifically for acid-loving plants, and by continual applications of compost.
Oxygen split from water reacts with iron sulfide minerals to create iron sulfate, which the bacteria can then eat.
It is concluded that iron-methionine chelate is more efficient than iron sulfate and 200 ppm iron supplementation as Fe-Met is recommended for maximum iron enrichment in broiler meat.
The typical method involves drizzling acidified iron sulfate into the ocean as a thin slurry, to reduce the amount that immediately sinks out of the sunlit surface waters where photosynthesis happens.
A coagulation, flocculation and disinfection product, it's made of iron sulfate, calcium hypochlorite, a buffer, a polymer and clay.
Garrels RM, Thompson ME (1960) Oxidation of pyrite by iron sulfate solutions.