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Borah and the other irreconcilables opposed a watered-down version of the treaty, understanding that any compromise in principle would be disastrous for our nation.
The League of Nations was a pet project of President Woodrow Wilson, whose resistance to compromise proved to be an ironic boon to the irreconcilables.
By themselves, the 16 irreconcilables didn't have sufficient clout to defeat Wilson's drive for world government.
The irreconcilables had derailed a major project not only of the president but of the powerful elitists of that day, who viewed the League of Nations as a way station on the road to world government.
The role played by Senate irreconcilables in defeating the Versailles Treaty underscored a key facet of the U.
Led by the irreconcilables, key resistance was coalescing in the Senate.
Several irreconcilables immediately fanned out in all directions in a largely successful effort to counter the president's campaign.