Irregular deposit

IRREGULAR DEPOSIT. This name is given to that kind of deposit, where the thing deposited need not be returned; as, where a man deposits, in the usual way, money in bank for safe keeping, for in this case the title to the identical money becomes vested in the bank, and he receives in its place other money.

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Contract award: collecting glass market pav and pav omr processing paper and ungraded of landfills and irregular deposits - sorting and packaging of dry recyclables (aoo-2014-02).
Among the constraints on the ratings the agency named KSL's unsatisfactory financial performance and irregular deposits on its dues.
His analysis of Roman law's treatment of irregular deposits is especially masterful and deserves careful attention.
We have as a guide the vast research that has implicated dietary animal fats in development of atherosclerosis, the condition in which inner layers of the artery wall are made thick by irregular deposits of fatty substances and other materials, thereby decreasing the diameter of artery channels.
Limestone forests are found only on the older, southern islands in the archipelago and they are defined by irregular deposits known as karst.
Procurement Forecast for Design and Access Roads and Utility Services for Waste Management Center Remetea, Transfer Stations and Collection Centers Miercurea Ciuc and Korond Selective, Selective Collection Centers Gheorghieni, Balan, Toplita, Cristuru Secuiesc and Vlachs, and the Greening of Two Irregular Deposits (Tusnad and Vlachs) of the Project Integrated Waste Management System in Harghita County
The design and execution request access roads and utility services to locations within the project "Integrated Waste Management System in county greening second Harghitaprecum and irregular deposits.
Contract notice: Pav glass collection market and pav omr processing paper and all-comers of the waste collection and irregular deposits - sorting and packaging of dry recyclables (aoo-2014-02).
It concerns the performance of the services related to the different components of the glass collection services and PAV PAV paper, OMR processing and all-from landfills and irregular deposits, sorting and packaging of dry recyclables.