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HEIR, IRREGULAR. In Louisiana, irregular heirs are those who are neither testamentary nor legal, and who have been established by law to take the succession. See Civ. Code of Lo. art. 874. When the deceased has left neither lawful descendants nor ascendants, nor collateral relations, the law calls to his inheritance either the surviving husband or wife, or his or her natural children, or the state. Id. art., 911. This is called an irregular succession.

IRREGULAR. That which is done contrary to the common rules of law; as, irregular process, which is that issued contrary to law and the common practice of the court. Vide Regular and. Irregular Process.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To be sure, Scheipers could not possibly write about every case of irregular warfare in human history, but it would be interesting to know whether her approach in Unlawful Combatants would have been modified by exposure to these works.
Overall, I recommend Unlawful Combatants enthusiastically as a detailed and thoughtful history of irregular warfare.
Insurgency, or irregular war, and warfare are global phenomena, and they always have been.
(3) Irregular warfare is an old, old story, and so are the methods applied to wage it, on both sides.
One internal innate constraint-based explanation for the dissociation between regular and irregular plurals in compounds arises from a theory that orders morphological processes on a hierarchy of levels (Kiparsky, 1982).
Another explanation for the dissociation between regular and irregular plurals in compounds is that irregular plurals are represented and processed differently from regulars (Pinker, 1999; Pinker & Prince, 1988, 1992).
By finding large numbers of irregulars and measuring their dynamic and physical properties, researchers hope to uncover new insights about planet formation, says Jewitt.
The findings of the present study indicated that, contrary to previously reported investigations, these younger children's attempts at marking finiteness in past tense contexts were not significantly better for irregular than for regular verbs.
If that theory is correct, Neptune should also harbor a group of irregular moons.
As happens with kids, the computer system incorrectly puts "ed" on the end of irregular verbs for a considerable period, but it makes this error for no more than about 10 percent of the irregular verbs in its vocabulary at any one time.
Apart from the lack of investigation of more flexive languages such as Spanish in terms of verbal processing, researchers have been focusing their line of research on the influence of only one lexical characteristic (frequency of occurrence) in the production of irregular and regular verbs.
It may be helpful at this point to broaden the discussion by asking the same question about immigrants in general, for it seems clear that whatever conclusions we reach about the fair treatment of irregular migrants ought to be consistent with the policies we think appropriate for immigrants generally.