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For example, the concept analysis chart for Melissa Etheridge shows pluses for amusement, feeling, marriage, identity and minuses for imperfection and poverty; the differential analysis lists pluses for parallelism, sobriety, moisture, defiance, restitution and minuses for dullness, plunge, and irrelation.
But Poe (1848: 52) deduced an "inequidistance, within certain limits, among the originally diffused atoms," therefore a degree of chaos, from the "infinite complexity of relation [that got] out of irrelation.
17) Just as the planes stand in "gargantuan irrelation" to those people who fly them "as if the aeroplanes were a species of esoteric and fatal animals not trained or tamed but just for the instant inert" (P 779), so too does the reporter see the flyers themselves as standing in gargantuan irrelation to "normal" people.