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Unrelated or inapplicable to the matter in issue.

Irrelevant evidence has no tendency to prove or disprove any contested fact in a lawsuit.

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adj. not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at hand or to any issue before the court. This is the most common objection raised by attorneys to questions asked or to answers given during testimony in a trial. The objection is made as soon as an alert attorney believes the opposition is going into matters which are not concerned with the facts or outside the issues of the lawsuit. It is often stated in the trio: "Irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent" to cover the bases. The judge must then rule on the relevancy of the question. If the question has been answered before the lawyer could say "objection," the judge may order that answer stricken from the record. Blotting it from a jury's memory or conscience, though, is impossible. (See: immaterial, incompetent, objection, evidence)

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That is, for lipread as well as for graphic presentation, irrelevant tones which carry no phonological information, disrupt serial recall.
The results of irrelevant sound studies also reveal something of the functional architecture of the mind, and this in turn may serve to inform generalizations about what would happen in a practical setting.
'' Take it from Miche and me, Irrelevant is the new Influencer, and it's brilliant
"You come here, you have worked hard to get your move or join a group and all you want to do impress, whether you come in for PS5m, PS20m, it is irrelevant for the player.
A subsequent study by Pechmann and Mohr (1992) employed a similar tone recognition procedure and compared retention intervals filled either with irrelevant tones, speech, or visual material, under both attended and unattended conditions.
I'm sure the Court of Session judges will not consider as irrelevant that every Local Development Plan and three Scottish Government Reporters have all emphasised the importance of the Kerse as an area of green belt with significant landscape value that prevents the merger of Bridge of Allan and Causewayhead.
The MEA has also examined the police verification report of Seth and found that they too overstepped in finding out irrelevant details about the couple.
Maryam claimed that the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report is irrelevant to the NAB reference.
Fico began by stating he was sorry to see the country moving away from discussing who committed the murder to what he called "irrelevant things" and announced he would deal with the politics of the case soon but not right now.
over 75,604 phone calls on its toll-free line 1122 during January and about 66,933 of them were irrelevant including obnoxious, distorted, blank, dropped, wrong and fake.
The fact that the Abanian opposition was not present at the leaders meeting, where Nimetz's proposal and the meeting between the two prime ministers Zaev-Tsipras were discussed, is due to the majority's behavior, which considers Albanian opposition is irrelevant, , says analyst Alajdin Demiri.
Haynes, McCarley, and Williams (2015) examined this selection process and found that students tend to exclude relevant information, while including a substantial amount of irrelevant information in their study materials.