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The Israeli government had earlier said it would consider releasing Allan if he was found to have irreversible brain damage.
Bobbi Kristina was placed in a medically induced coma and her family said she was later diagnosed with irreversible brain damage.
It's believed he may have irreversible brain damage.
The researchers also expressed concerns about the potential of fluoride to cause irreversible brain damage in unborn children.
A FATHER whose baby son suffered irreversible brain damage at birth has urged hospital bosses to make sure lessons have been learnt following his child's death.
A TEENAGE boy who suffered irreversible brain damage when he was born has won millions of pounds of compensation The youngster's skull was crushed with forceps when he was born at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary in 1997.
are more vulnerable, according to specialists, who warn that, in extreme cases, this disease can cause irreversible brain damage.
Irreversible brain damage in children could be prevented in advance by iodising the salt taken by pregnant mothers, as 90 per cent of brain development occurs between the third month of pregnancy to the third year of life.
In children, lead poisoning has been found to cause irreversible brain damage and retard mental and physical development, while among adults it can cause poor muscle co-ordination, increase hypertension and damage to cardiovascular, renal, reproductive and gastrointestinal systems.
However, by the time staff had intervened, "at that point it took so long to get the circulation back up that he had a lack of oxygen to the brain and had severe, irreversible brain damage which ultimately led to his death .
A new At Home kit tests for methamphetamine/Ecstasy, which can cause irreversible brain damage.
Christopher O'Gorman, 25, suffered irreversible brain damage in a freak accident when he fell just 15ft fromthe window of his first-floor flat.