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When the US granted Cuba quasi-independence in 1902, the status of the Isle of Pines remained in limbo.
The lure of Henry Neville's short but remarkable work of prose fiction, The Isle of Pines, has been considerable.
Although a relatively brief text, The Isle of Pines nevertheless presents significant textual and critical conundrums.
He served two years on the Isle of Pines (today the Island of Youth) and then lived in exile in Mexico.
The Minneapolis company also brewed four seasonal beers and Dorothy's Isle of Pines Root Beer.
Archeologists in New Caledonia were baffled by hundreds of five-foot-high mounds on the Isle of Pines that contained no human remains or grave goods.
At one point she places a leatherback turtle - whose usual habitat excludes the Caribbean - in the waters around the (former) Isle of Pines to the south of Cuba.
The Isle of Pines Treaty, establishing Cuban possession of the Isle of Pines, was ratified by the Senate.
Education stopped for him with the public schools, but at seventeen, after six months at his maternal grandfather's fruit ranch on the Isle of Pines, he came to New York City to write and to prepare for college.
Many large craters have a central rocky peak, and researchers had proposed Cuba's Isle of Pines as a central peak for the Cretaceous crater.
There are eight detailed guidebook maps of Isle of Pines, Lifou, Mare, New Caledonia, North Province, Noumea, Ouvea, and South Province, plus charts, photos, and line drawings.
Stillman for his stimulating email exchanges about The Isle of Pines across the Atlantic, to Nat Hardy for contributing some interesting material on the frontispiece, and to Toby Widdicombe for bearing with us during the long publication process.