ISSINT. This is a Norman French word which signifies thus, so. It has given the name to a part of a plea, because when pleas were in that language this word was used. In actions founded on deeds, the defendant may, instead of pleading non est factum in the common form, allege any special matter which admits the execution of the writing in question, but which, nevertheless, shows that it is not in law his deed; and may conclude with and so it is not his deed; as that the writing was delivered to A B as an escrow, to be delivered over on certain conditions, which have not been complied with, "and so it is not his act;" or that at, the time of making the writing, the defendant was a feme covert,: and so it is not her act." Bac. Ab. Pleas, H 3, I 2; Gould on Pl. c. 6, part 1, Sec. 64.
     2. An example of this form of plea which is sometimes called the special general issue, occurs in 4 Rawle, Rep. 83, 84.

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Fouke's Joan interrupts a heated argument between Fulk FitzWarin and Llywelyn just in time to prevent her husband from harming the romance hero, and it is she who acts as mediator: 'Thereupon the good lady arrived and made peace between the Prince and Sir Fulk, so that they embraced each other and forgave all ills' ['Donqe vynt la bone dame, e fist accord entre le prince e sire Fouke, issint qu'il furent entrebayseez e toutz maltalentz pardoneez'].
E]xpressement command que ceux moneys serront issint use, accept & repute, per touts ses subjects, & auters usant ascun traffique ou commerce deins cest realm: & que si ascun person ou persons refuseront de receiver ceux mixt moneys, solonque le denomination ou valuation d'ceux, viz.
16) "[Celle] congregacion issint faite en si saint lieu, dont l'escripture dist 'Terribilis est locus iste'; si est fait, si Dieu plest, en le noun de Dieu et de la grace del Sainte Espirit, dont l'Evangile dit, 'Quod ubi sunt duo vel tres congregati in nomine meo, in medio eorum sum, dicit Dominus.
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