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ISTHMUS. A tongue or strip of land between two seas. Glos. on Law, 37, book 2, tit. 3, of the Dig.

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Comparison of isthmus detection methods in the apical third of mesial roots of maxillary and mandibular first molars: macroscopic observation versus operating microscope.
Sarawak Energy is pleased to contribute to this important initiative by SABATI to beautify and green the surrounding area at Isthmus where we are located.
The 337-km highway and the rail line for the Ferrocarril del Sureste in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec are part of the Mexican government's grand plan to improve the country's transportation infrastructure, including port facilities.
Bu modellerden femur uzunlugu, anteversiyon acisi, collum femoris acisi, isthmus pozisyonu ve proximal femur bolgesinden alinan kesitlerde medio-lateral ve cranio-caudal caplar olculdu.
Isthmus Eye Care elected to engage Cresa Madison to help them identify exisiting buildings as well as build-to-suit options that could work as new expanded office space for their east side location.
O'Dea and his team set out to reevaluate in unprecedented, rigorous detail, all of the available lines of evidence -- geologic, oceanographic, genetic and ecological data and the analyses that bear on the question of when the Isthmus formed.
Pettegrew presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the history of trade, culture, and commerce on the Isthmus of Corinth from the initial presence of the Romans in Greece during the Hellenistic period through to the major shifts in the Roman Empire during late antiquity.
Adopting an approach of borderland studies to analyze the Canal Zone-Panama corridor, Borderland on the Isthmus demonstrates the extent to which the Zone functioned both as an empire enclave characterized by colonial relations with hierarchies of power along the lines of race, nationality, class, and gender and as a borderland.
The occurrence of the thyroid isthmus agenesis has been recorded to differ from 5% to 10%.
6-cm, primarily cystic nodule in the right midline thyroid isthmus.
Instead this work functions like a tool to aid and facilitate learning and research about the isthmus.
We reported a case in which the cavo-tricuspid isthmus (CTI) in both the systemic venous atrium (SVA) and pulmonary venous atrium (PVA) was necessarily targeted in a patient following Senning operation.