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ITEM. Also; likewise; in like manner.; again; a second time. These are the various meanings of this Latin adverb. Vide Construction.
    2. In law it is to be construed conjunctively, in the sense. of and, or also, in such a manner as to connect sentences. If therefore a testator bequeath a legacy to Peter payable out of a particular fund, or charged upon a particular estate, item a legacy to James, James' legacy as well as Peter's will be a charge upon the same property. 1 Atk. 436; 3 Atk. 256 1 Bro. C. C. 482; 1 Rolle's Ab. 844; 1 Mod. 100; Cro. Car. 368; Vaugh. 262; 2 Rop. on Leg. 849; 1 Salk. 234. Vide Disjunctive.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In this phase, the functional description of the item or system is established and followed by an estimate of the worth of the required functions.
A final important factor in weighing whether an item has been abandoned is whether a person denies possession or ownership.
THIS WEEK--Papers relating to items on your schedule for the rest of the week, similar to TODAY items but less urgent.
An order for 56 circuit card assemblies will be followed six months later-- too late to be added to the first production run-- by an order for one or two or three of the same item at a relatively astronomical unit price.
* TM 9-1450-646-24P (M993 MLRS), Fig 9: Item 15 (inner washer) should be NSN 5310-01-413-1037, PN 10910174-25.
Generally, items of assets, liabilities, income, gain, or loss are attributable to a Section 987 QBU to the extent those items are reflected on its books and records, and therefore taken into account for purposes of determining income, gain, or loss of the Section 987 QBU.
The Department now requires the use of the item unique identifiers (IUID) for items that meet established criteria, such as those having a unit cost in excess of $5,000 and those requiring serialized item management.
The Service and Treasury received many comments on determining which items qualify as QPP manufactured, produced, grown or extracted in the U.S.
Students read a 477-word scenario about Chris, a student struggling in introductory biology and then responded to items based on their own beliefs, even if those beliefs contradicted what was depicted in the scenario.
The key changes that will be evident on December 22nd include random pat down screenings of passengers and changing the prohibited items list to allow items that are currently banned.
The accuracy-related penalty is allocated to the spouse whose item generated the penalty This rule interacts with the tax benefit exception.