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ITER. A foot way. Vide Way.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Coblentz told The Associated Press the Big Six who signed the nuclear deal with Iran encouraged Tehran's participation in ITER.
'We openly addressed issues such as the project's nuclear and safety culture, options for improved alignment between the ITER Organization and the Domestic Agencies, and last but not least the creation of the ITER Chief Executive Team, (ICET), formed to improve collaboration between all actors of the ITER Project.'
For long-term financing beyond 2013, the EU reached an agreement, in February, to reintegrate ITER into the EU budget.
/ 5 / Del monte Pan de azucar / de Montevideo [30-IX-1789] / Nee iter (Exp.
Beginning in 2014, components for the ITER Tokamak-some of them exceptionally large and heavy-will be arriving in France from the 7 Members.
The revision has been necessary because of substantial overall cost increases for ITER, which have more than doubled the costs for Europe from the initially expected ?
As ITER strives to produce renewable energies, NX helps to implement greener IT practices, driving down energy costs and other IT operating expenses such as travel and hardware expenditure.
ITER said: "The reason for the later finish dates is that we had to do a comprehensive design review.
Ultimately, the goal of ITER is to demonstrate the feasibility of producing electricity from a fusion reactor, reducing nations' dependence on fossil fuels.
Significant participation in ITER is the only way at present in which the United States can remain involved in the experimental investigation of the leading issues of fusion plasma science and in developing technological aspects of fusion energy.