An abbreviation for Doctor of Juridical Science, a degree awarded to highly qualified individuals who have successfully completed a prescribed course of advanced study in law after having earned J.D. and LL.M. degrees.

The standards for admission to J.S.D. programs are stringent. Although specific academic requirements for acceptance into a J.S.D. program vary from one law school to another, ordinarily applicants must hold J.D. and LL.M. degrees. They must have completed their courses of study with a certain minimum grade average in order to qualify for this advanced program.

Once accepted, each student generally has a full-time faculty member who acts as research advisor concerning the preparation of the student's thesis, which is a requirement for obtaining the J.S.D. degree. It is often mandatory that all work required for a J.S.D. degree must be completed within five years of the commencement of the student's program of study.

J.S.D. is also commonly abbreviated as S.J.D.

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Into this maelstrom steps Michael Geist, J.S.D., who believes that issues associated with cyber-mistrust are going to put pressure points on the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles[R] (Principles) and extend them in ways that people may not have been thinking about up to now.
Michael Geist, J.S.D., is a law professor at the University of Ottawa, where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law.
In reading the article in the May 15 News concerning the use of the title "doctor" by attorneys, the story attributes to board member Jesse Diner the statement that there "are differences between a J.D., a master of laws, and a J.S.D. degree, which is a true doctor in law."
degree, a "juris doctor" or "doctor of jurisprudence" is not a "doctor" is preposterous, as is suggesting that the J.S.D. degree is "a true doctor in law" while a J.D.
My advisor, Professor Brunson MacChesney, was most gracious in wanting me to pursue my J.S.D. at Northwestern University and offered me a handsome fellowship to do so.
Anita Margrethe Halvorssen is a Norwegian lawyer living in Boulder, Colorado and is a candidate for the Doctor of Science Law Degree (J.S.D.) at Columbia University School of Law.
Paust, A.B., 1965, J.D., 1968, University of California at Los Angeles; LL.M., 1972, University of Virginia; J.S.D., Candidate, Yale University.
in Jurisprudence, B.C.L., Oxford University, England, 1930; J.S.D., Yale Law School, 1931; Assistant Professor of Law, University of Illinois, 1931-1934; Associate Professor, Yale Law School, 1934-1939; Professor, Yale Law School, 1939-1975; William K.
We in the rural communities have no reasonable form of transport apart from our cars for work and other necessities - J.S.D. Patterson, Mouswald, Dumfriesshire.
Read Julie Gable's article to find out how technology law expert Michael Geist, J.S.D., believes these types of incidents will lead to the Generally Accepted Record-keeping Principles [R] being extended in new ways.
Prospective scholars in the J.S.D. program are asked to write a personal statement on why they want to embark on the advanced legal study.