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Country: United States of America
State: Missouri

Dear Lawyers, I'm a law student, Iraqi national, came in Feb 2004 on J-1 Visa, scholarship. currently I'm in LLM program. Due to several circumstances in Iraq and me, I want to apply asylum or waiver. I currently on no-work... My family reside in Babylon- Iraq which in area of tension but not as the western part. I face several difficulties by going back: Terrorists acts, war over there, lack of services and normal life, possible threat because I dealt with Americans, persecution based on religion from terrorists and counter-government groups particularly Sunnis militias. also I have other big problem, I had surgery in my eyes which need care,I need to put hard contact lenses with continuous solutions, these I will not afford and found in Iraq, my eye could need at any time immediate interfere. corruption and other reports on violence in Iraq, would it be good to convince for waiver? what would you do for me and what is rate of successes and when I should act? my visa officially will expire 05/31/2006. P Lease advice me, provide with possible costs if you work with me on it and success rate (est.) . feel free to call me and/or email me. thank you a lot for your time and help in advance.


A genuine and well-based fear of returning to the local environment is often sufficient reason--we think you would have a good chance....
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