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justice of the peace (J.P.)

n. a judge who handles minor legal matters such as misdemeanors, small claims actions, and traffic matters in "justice courts." Dating back to early English Common Law, "JPs" were very common up to the 1950s, but they now exist primarily in rural "justice districts" from which it is unreasonable for the public to travel to the county seat for trials of minor matters. In Nevada Justices of the Peace are lucrative jobs since they perform many of the marriages of elopers from other states, as Nevada has no waiting period from license to wedding. A justice of the peace is usually an attorney, but some states still allow laypersons to qualify by taking a test.

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abbreviation for JUSTICE OF THE PEACE.
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Most JPs today do not spend much or any of their time performing weddings at City Hall--there are other officials, such as marriage commissioners, to do that--instead, they are busy as adjuncts to the Provincial Court in a wide variety of matters.
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