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8206;‎JVP is a significant investor in early stage companies, through its two investment arms ‎JVP Media Labs in Jerusalem and JVP Cyber Labs in Beer Sheba.
Co-Director of Organizing and Chair of the JVP Rabbinical Council.
VR: From an optometrist's point of view, the most daunting part of becoming a JVP was the application process; particularly in that I had to show I could understand management accounts.
0 applicationssafely throughout the organization," said Haim Kopans, Partner at JVP Studioand formerly founder of Precise (a JVP portfolio company), which sold toVeritas for more than 600 million dollars.
Under JVP, a private business can employ inmates at market wages in exchange for a payroll tax break and don't pay vacation, retirement or health benefits.
It provides a unique offering that fulfills a major market need for protection against both known and zero-day attacks, Yoav Tzruya, partner at JVP, also commented in the press release.
The company was launched in 2014 in JVP Cyber Labs in Be'er Sheva, based on patented technology originating out of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and will come out of stealth mode in Q4/15.
The competition is part of a new strategic cooperation between JVP and Shengjing to promote investment in Israeli startups and to promote Israeli startups in the Chinese market," said JVP Managing Partner Kobi Rozengarten.
Specsavers is all about partnership, and as a JVP you would be responsible for all that goes on in your business, including sharing the Specsavers vision and values.
The JVP, or People's Liberation Front, which had earlier backed Rajapakse, said they secured agreement with Fonseka, 58, to stand against Rajapakse.
Analysts explained that the president, unsure of continuing support from the JVP which refused to take office in the government despite several offers, wanted to ensure a parliamentary majority independent of the JVP which is the third biggest party in the 225-member legislature.
Transaction Includes JVP and Goldman Sachs Acquiring Shares from Existing Shareholders as Well Provision of Growth Capital to Company