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judge advocate general (J.A.G.)

n. a military officer who advises the government on courts-martial and administers the conduct of courts-martial. The officers who are judge advocates and counsel assigned to the accused come from the office of the judge advocate general or appointed by it to work certain court-martials. (See: court-martial, judge advocate)

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abbreviation for JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL.
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Philip Jaggers admitted possessing the class A drug when he appeared before Preston magistrates.
At one point the 14-year-old boy pleaded with his father to drive through red lights to escape enraged Ashley Jaggers.
Graham Jaggers, a former assistant PE master at Warwick School, pleaded not guilty to six charges of indecently assaulting the girl, who was 12 or 13 at the time, at an earlier hearing at Warwick Crown Court.
A source close to the Jaggers said: "Mick knows a lot of people thought he was being mean by saying they'd never been married.
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"A Professor's Unforgettables: 5 out Of 10,000 Students in 25 Years" is an enticing collection of sketches by University of Arkansas Professor AnnieLaura Jagger of her humanities students--the more memorable ones, of course.