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DEAN, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical officer, who derives his name from the fact that he presides over ten canons, or, prebondaries, at least. There are several kinds of deans, namely: 1. Deans of chapters. 2. Deans of peculiars. 3. Rural deans. 4. Deans in the colleges. 5. Honorary deans. 6. Deans of provinces.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It only took a year and a half for James Dean to achieve immortality, yet his rebellious non-conformism, his magnetic presence and his raw talent have inspired successive generations of actors, musicians and artists for nearly six decades.
What makes this cruise different is that participants will continue on and finish the drive that James Dean started that fateful day.
Still images, culled from an estimated eight thousand gathered for the production of The James Dean Story, are punctuated by interviews.
Five years later, James Dean was dead, mourned as the most charismatic movie actor of his generation, and Natalie Wood was married to heart-throb Robert Wagner.
PRICE OF FAME: Above, tragic stars James Dean, Bobby Driscoll, Cliff Edwards and Sterling Hayden.
POP IDOL James Dean at the wheel of the car which was involved in the crash that killed him, inset
GUILTY: Carl Garbutt, above SEVEN YEARS: James Dean Bradley, above APPALLING: The shocking scene from the kitchen of the house in Emerald Street, Middlesbrough where a baby's bottle and dummy were found near drugs JAIL: James Dean Bradley, far left, and Carl Adam Garbutt have been locked up for a total of 11 and a half years
For more information on Artsfest contact James Dean on 01484 844298 or visit
The cult of James Dean was born from that trauma, and to this day his image remains as iconic as that of another gone-too-soon movie star, Marilyn Monroe.
JAMES Dean, the brooding movie star who gave a generation a new sense of identity, died on September 29, 1955.
The original friend of Dorothy sleeps with Marion Brando and James Dean and gives a blow-by-blow of old Hollywood's decline.
It's the summer of 1956 when James Dean, soda pop and hair grease are all the rage.