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Janus requires no polymer whatsoever to carry the drug (Tacrolimus, a cytostatic drug also known as FK506, produced by Astellas), eliminating the shortcomings often associated with polymers;
Janus utilizes a proprietary drug-release system with reservoirs on the stent's outer surface, ensuring targeted release only towards the vessel wall segment requiring treatment;
His previous experience working closely with David Decker and our research team will result in a smooth transition of Janus Contrarian Fund portfolio, and positions the firm to offer alternative products that are a natural extension of our fundamental investment philosophy.
Dan Riff, co-portfolio manager of Janus Fund and Janus Long/Short Fund and related separate accounts, will be dedicated to managing Janus Long/Short Fund upon Decker's departure.
I look forward to joining Janus and the fixed income team, which is gaining significant market share in the institutional and intermediary marketplace," said Diaz.
The Janus allocation products are built to match our clients' specific risk tolerance and designed to be diversified among asset classes and investment styles.
Yoh, who will be based in Singapore, will report directly to Janus Co-CIO Jonathan Coleman.
The benchmark for Janus Global High Yield Portfolio is the Barclays Capital Global High Yield Index and Janus Global Investment Grade Bond Portfolio is benchmarked to the Barclays Capital Global Aggregate Corporate Bond Index.
Watters Darrell Watters is Co-Portfolio Manager of the Janus Short-Term Bond strategy and is Co-Portfolio Manager and Executive Vice President of Janus Short-Term Bond Fund.
Jeff Kautz, who was serving as interim-CEO, will continue to serve as chief investment officer and co-portfolio manager of Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund (formerly named Janus Mid Cap Value Fund) and Janus Adviser Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund (formerly named Janus Adviser Mid Cap Value Fund.