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dollar appreciated sharply in the first half of the 1980s--or what is the same thing, the Japanese yen depreciated.
CMC and Ritek have confirmed that part of Japanese suppliers' capacity of CD-R discs, DVD and blu-ray discs has actually been switched to Taiwan in the form of outsourcing, when the Japanese yen has unceasingly risen this year.
dollar in the third quarter, slightly higher than the evaluation of renminbi but lower than Japanese yen and Korean won.
US Dollar May Be Setting Stage for Advance Euro Near Major Top Against US Dollar, Timing Unclear Japanese Yen Relinquishes its Top Safe Haven Status to the Dollar British Pound Looks to 3Q GDP to Keep the Bullish Momentum Swiss Franc Trading Hinges on Broad Risk, US Dollar Outlook Canadian Dollar May Come Under Pressure Ahead of BOC Decision Australian Dollar Forecast to Rally Further on RBA Rate Hikes New Zealand Dollar Vulnerable To Pullback In Risk Appetite
While investors' concern on the stability of Japan's financial system has added pressure to the Japanese yen, dealers said they are not sure about the strength of the dollar either.
1 billion, respectively, and consisted of German marks and Japanese yen.
The Japanese yen rallied overnight ahead of the Bank of Japan's policy meeting, as the markets anticipated that the central bank would announce an end to its credit-easing programs.
The dollar plunged Friday against the Japanese yen, ending the week with a 5 percent loss in value, its biggest setback to date in its rally from record lows two years ago.
This dynamic served to support the currencies and credit markets of the higher-yielding European countries, including Italy, Sweden, and Spain, at the expense of lower-yielding currencies, such as the Japanese yen.
dollar and a put option on the Japanese yen, fluctuating in value as the relationship between the dollar and the yen changes.
The new currencies join the existing seven currencies, the Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc and United States Dollar as CLS Bank eligible currencies.
Euro / Japanese Yen A B wave triangle is complete at 129 and expectations are for a C wave rally that carries the EURJPY to the mid 140s (at least).

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