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Majority of postoperative laryngospasm can successfully be managed by chin lift, Jaw thrust with gentle IPPV/CPAP with 100% O2 along with IV propofol.
Secondly one anesthetist applied the jaw thrust maneuver to all our patients in FFB group.
Jaw thrust or lingual traction was performed by an experienced assistant if necessary.
NOTE: If you suspect spinal injury, use the jaw thrust technique.
This technique can be especially useful in cases of trauma, given the need to avoid neck hyperextension, and it also keeps the physician's hands free when they would otherwise be tied up performing a jaw thrust.
He helped, pushing from beneath--she sensed through the boards his strain, his arms corded above his head like an Atlas heaving aside the globe--and when together they flung the hatch open he looked up to her, his lantern jaw thrust eagerly forward as if he were about to speak.
He bit his tongue and had occluded his airway, so I did a jaw thrust and he started breathing.