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But we easily mistake Duende for its antithesis--what I call "Havoc"--a bogus--and bloodless--Duende look-alike who spreads mayhem and suffering: the inspiration behind Mitchell's poem "Hotel by the Sea," the god of Lear and Caliban--of Falkner's Snopes, Conrad's Kurtz, Plath's "Daddy"--Havoc's identified with Jealosy and Malice.
But why should I begg more love, when as thou Dost wooe my soule, for hers offring all thine: 10 And dost not only feare least I allow My love to saints and Angels, things divine, But in thy tender jealosy dost doubt Least the World, fleshe, yea Devill putt thee out.
Jealosy and boredom are balanced by the shared inventory of desires.