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Daniel, who is known to his church members as Jedi Master Morda Hehol, said: "Me and the guitarist, Jake, met in high school because we were exchanging Star Church Jones Wars action figures and together with him and his two brothers we formed a band.
Jedi Saber Combat is a non-profit, Stage Combat and stunt ensemble dedicated to promoting charity and community events, and spreading their love of Star Wars.
Leeds is home to the most Jedi Knights with 2,812 living in the authority.
According to Ward, the Jedi Master is filled with fear that if he should go back to "society" his wizard powers could be misused.
BATTING FOR US: Drakes League chairman Trevor Atkinson (left) marks the new deal with Championship sponsor James Dollive of Jedi Sports
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The objective of the JEDI project was to give European companies a competitive edge in the development of 3DTV solutions, says Andy De Mets, Coordinator External R&D and Innovation Programs for Barco.
If somebody wishes to consider themselves a Jedi Knight, well the CSO is quite willing to accept it as Jedi Knight.
Newton bred Jedi out of the Listedplaced Threefold, a daughter of Gulch who was purchased through Mags O'Toole for $145,000 as a yearling.
TOM TOM sat-nav customers can now be guided by the greatest Jedi Master of them all, Yoda.
Sydney, July 9 (ANI): A portable sat-nav specialist firm has introduced a new range of official 'Star Wars' voices on their satellite navigation systems and Jedi master Yoda is the latest addition.
Wags have previously compared Tesco's impenetrable Cheshunt tower of power to the Death Star--but the supermarket was last week facing a potential religious discrimination claim from across the galaxy after picking on the wrong Jedi.