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JEWS. See De Judaismo Statutum.

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Let Gurth do thine office, Oswald,'' said Wamba with his usual effrontery; ``the swineherd will be a fit usher to the Jew.
an unbelieving Jew, and admitted into this presence
A dog Jew,'' echoed the Templar, ``to approach a defender of the Holy Sepulchre?
Pay the Jew ten times the money and tear up the bond, rather than that Antonio shall lose a single hair through Bassanio's fault.
So, seeing himself beaten on all points, the Jew would leave the court.
When the guide pointed out where the Wandering Jew had left his familiar mark upon a wall, I was filled with astonishment.
All I have revealed about the Wandering Jew can be amply proven by reference to our guide.
When the coffee was done, the Jew drew the saucepan to the hob.
After satisfiying himself upon this head, the Jew stepped gently to the door: which he fastened.
said the Jew, shrugging up his shoulders, and distorting every feature with a hideous grin.
the Jew demanded, cutting in on the ancient's maunderings.
the Jew asked, mopping the inside of his collar- band with a coloured silk handkerchief.