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Seki Marie Matiko Doran Sung Kang Locust Karl Yune Ajis-Aka Tony Amendola Jibberish Chris Coppola Ujis-Aka Andrew Divoff Reza Musetta Vander Miyamoto Bruce Locke Hana Minglie Chen Mouse Homie Doroodian Tall Tall Vladimir Cuk Yang Sze Al Leong Yawn Kay Kuter Che Kahn Woon Yung Park Lank Ron Yuan Muraji James Hong
To the uninitiated, these strange syllables might sound like jibberish, but to the turkey hunter, it can be a very rewarding conversation.
There are lyrics and concepts for each song--it's not just jibberish, but we don't have an agenda.
Just this week she's been talking jibberish about demons and turning to arson.
Members believe that "the known, inhabited world is flat" and that the tenets of modern science are a "way-out occult concoction of jibberish theory-theology.
Since 9/11, Americans have been able to clearly separate common sense from jibberish, idealism from opportunism and honesty from fanaticism.