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A merchant, middle person, or wholesaler who purchases goods from a manufacturer in lots or bulk and resells the goods to a consumer, or to a retailer, who then sells them to a consumer. One who buys and sells on the stock exchange or who deals in stocks, shares, and Securities.

In the law of Trademarks and trade names, the term jobber refers to an intermediary who receives goods from manufacturers and sells them to retailers or consumers. In this context a jobber may acquire a trademark and affix it to the goods, even though the jobber did not manufacture the products.

In the law governing monopolies, jobbers are referred to as wholesalers. This body of law involves price-fixing scenarios, in which, for example, a manufacturer enters into contracts with numerous wholesalers, wherein the latter agree to resell the manufacturer's product at prices set by the manufacturer. antitrust laws also concern scenarios where, for example, a patent owner who deals through wholesalers restricts the resale of the patented article to a specified territory, thereby limiting rightful competition between wholesalers.


n. a merchant who buys products (usually in bulk or lots) and then sells them to various retailers. This middleman generally specializes in specific types of products, such as auto parts, electrical and plumbing materials, or petroleum. A jobber differs from a broker or agent who buys and acts for himself/herself.

See: dealer

JOBBER, commerce. One who buys end sells articles for others. Stock jobbers are those who buy, and sell stocks for others; this term is also applied to those who speculate in stocks on their own account.

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In addition, this methodology and technology is quickly catching the eye of industrial psychologists who have been talking to the Jobber team about scientific validation of the methodology.
The data contained in the census surveys report station-level characteristics, such as street address, city, county, ZIP code, brand affiliation, and whether gasoline is supplied to the station directly by the refiner or through a jobber.
Several years ago, if anyone could point at one part of the market that would suffer [in a slow economy], everyone thought it would be the jobbers.
Jobber Group focuses on authenticity - both internally and externally with clients.
Products need to be real multipurpose fabrications, according to Marcus, because jobbers are looking for fabrics that can go on the window or bed or can be used as upholstery.
Scott Kravet, a principal in jobber Kravet, said his company is releasing its opulent Biltmore Estate and The Court of Versailles collections in book format this fall.
Tony Zelner, vice president of operations at commercial jobber Irvin Allen, said color was very important, but he saw a softening palette, "with more accents of golds and yellow.
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