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Also attending were other club dignitaries, ward Councillor Gerry Ellis and a current RLGC member, also named John Ball, whose father was a cousin of the champion golfer.
MELVYN BRAGG'S RADICAL LIVES BBC2 9pm Presenter Bragg (right) argues how John Ball, a 14th-century cleric who was at the heart of the revolt against the feudal system in medieval times which led to his execution.
The first is John Ball, the great preacher of the 14th century.
Jesse Penfold from Guildford, Surrey, used the false names John Bull and John Ball to trade in scrap metal between the gang's companies - Shavondra in Cyprus and IED Ltd in the UK.
Kinmel Bay A produced three single-figure aces, John Ball 21-4, Jim Lester 21-6 and Ron Bradley 21-7 in their 9-5 win over Denbigh A.
John Ball, of Swansea University, said that when part of the Swansea Valley was made an enterprise zone in the 1980s it took the "largest single area of industrial decline in western Europe" and changed it into a thriving business park that was home to 25,000 jobs.
JOHN Ball is thinking of buying a brand new imported Merc E280CDi from a car supermarket, saving around pounds 6,500.
The 1381 revolt, led by Wat Tyler, Jack Straw and John Ball, was 'one of the most astonishing events of the later Middle Ages'.
The property belongs to businessman John Ball, who has been the target of a series of attacks.
John Ball lost control of his Renault Clio Sport at more than 71mph on a country road the morning after a boozy night out.
John Ball, LDV's direct supply fleet manager added: "SSAFA provides such a valuable service we are only too happy to help."
Chief executive Gavin Wheeldon (second right) and marketing executive Stacey Rose are seen with musicians Mohammed Assani (left) and John Ball.