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Dickens the visitor of asylums, a writer with an intense and profound interest in insanity and in the care of the mentally ill, would surely have known the case of John Clare.
Clare's family home was recently acquired by the John Clare Trust and, with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has been transformed into a visitor's centre with great emphasis on learning outside the classroom.
They include works by brooding wordsmith Thomas Hardy and the father of nature writing, John Clare.
But areas such as East Yorkshire, North Wales and northern Scotland have seen a decline recently and John Clare, of the RSPB, warned: "They are not out of danger yet.
are from Ted Berrigan and John Clare, respectively.
He is expected to step into his new job in September, when current DSG chief executive John Clare stands down after 13 years at the helm.
THE life and work of the poet John Clare will be the subject of a lecture in Bromsgrove tomorrow.
John Clare, DSG chief executive, said: "The sale will enable us to pursue our leadership ambitions across Europe.
His new excursion has him tracing the terrible journey of the almost forgotten Victorian writer, John Clare.
Dixons group chief executive John Clare added: 'Following a prolonged period of disappointing trading in our smaller Dixons stores, we have decided to close operations in 106 locations.
FERRY captain John Clare, 36, was staring at the Manhattan skyline as he crawled from New Jersey to the World Trade Center at 8.
The little-known Lady Mary Wroth and Charlotte Smith - each with four sonnets included - rank above many of the greatest names in literature including Longfellow; Browning; Sassoon; Rupert Brooke; Yeats; Auden; Frost; Arnold; Wyatt; John Clare, and Swinburne