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John Minor Wisdom would have graced the Supreme Court's bench, had fortune worked in his favor.
Friedman, John Minor Wisdom: The Noblest Tulanian of Them All, 74 TUL.
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Department of Justice moved for an injunction against the Bogalusa Klan, and a special three-judge district court headed by John Minor Wisdom issued the requested order.
Without a doubt, however, far and away the most famous and substantively important of all of John Minor Wisdom's appellate opinions on civil rights was his lengthy analysis of school-desegregation law in United States v.
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education(50) did indeed vault the Supreme Court's application of Brown into "a new era," and no other judge or Justice in America had played a larger role than John Minor Wisdom in bringing about that new era.
John Minor Wisdom was buried on May 17, 1999, on what would have been his ninety-fourth birthday.
John Minor Wisdom was not afraid to stand against his community and his times.
(2.) See, e.g., John Minor Wisdom, A Trust Code in the Civil Law, Based on the Restatement and Uniform Acts: The Louisiana Trust Estates Act, 13 TUL.
They are now housed as the John Minor Wisdom Collection at the Tulane Law Library.
I call these suggestions "Wisdom's Idiosyncrasies", because I do not want you to think that the law of the Medes and Persians is in effect in Room 200 of the John Minor Wisdom U.S.
John Minor Wisdom, Late Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.