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Whitley Bay A's impressive form continued with goals from Connor Johnson, Andrew Robertson (pen), Chris Bell, Nick Jarvis-Smith and Paul Dunn at AFC Newbiggin, whose Andrew Carr netted twice.
Matty Johnson, Andrew Tunnacliffe, Mark Farrell and Paul Lyons scored as Redcar Rugby Club kept their title hopes alive with a 4-1 win at Eston Ship Inn.
Andrew Sword netted four, Brandan Scanlon two and Sean Colbeck, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Logan and Kris Ross one each.
Produced by Hilary Swank, Molly Mickler Smith, Broderick Johnson, Andrew A.
Ashley Marta Berger, Lauren Elizabeth Bersey, John Patrick Corbett, Facundo M Davaro, Timofei Deryaga, Benjamin William Dupre, Gregory William Farrell, Harrison James Gore, Matteen Hakim, Jun He, Veronica Lynn Johnson, Andrew William Licht, Leigha T.
Fifteen-time champion Tony McCoy, together with weighing-room colleagues Richard Johnson, Andrew Thornton, Robert Thornton and Graham Lee, will look at the recommended purse levels for each race before accepting mounts.
Jessica Hunter, Maximilian Ide, Lauren Irick, Jennifer Jackson, Tad Jensen, Amanda Johnson, Michael Christopher Johnson, Michael Curtis Johnson, Taleatha Johnson, Andrew Jones, Teddi Jones, Kimberly Kean, Christie Knox, LeAnne Kostick, Kristofer Krossman, Fredrick Kruse, Seth Kuykendall,
He paid tribute to his players - and also the unsung coaching staff of Scott Johnson, Andrew Hore, Clive Griffiths and Alan Phillips, who work closely with him behind the scenes.
Staff celebrate with Partners Nicholas Wint, Robin Johnson, Andrew Heaney, Michael Fellows and Neil Wetherell
No one man has all the answers and I am delighted that in Scott Johnson, Andrew Hore and Clive Griffiths I have a team of excellent specialists in place.
NORTHERN IRELAND: Taylor, Baird, Aaron Hughes, McCartney,McCann, Gillespie, Griffin, Doherty, Johnson, Andrew Smith, Healy.
The artists were mentored by teachers Emma Johnson, Andrew Moore, Vicky Alsop and Charlotte Gibbs.