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Meanwhile, Chunghwa is reportedly seeking to join hands with a local carrier to strive for one of the four new 3G licenses to be issued by Thai government next year.
After having a wonderful time of fellowship with President Bush, the president asked if we could all join hands and pray that God will bless our efforts to preserve life in our land.
Asked whether the LP would join hands with the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) after the House of Councillors election next summer, Ozawa said, ''An old system and old practices must be changed to achieve reform.
When we join hands with those who openly mock God, the Church and the sanctity of life, we stand less chance of converting them than we do of simply looking foolish and being misrepresented.
Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi on Monday urged the governments in Asia to join hands to combat drug trafficking and drug abuse which he said threaten human dignity and human lives.
But before you join hands, you reach around the arms of the guys in a neighboring ring, and so you get linked rings.
IT chases other players until she tags someone; these two players join hands and continue to chase other players.
A threesome even became reminiscent of a pas de trois, the one in which the dancers join hands and the two cavaliers jete around the demiballerina.
A mood of festive defiance permeates the tent as workers join hands red from the cold and begin singing a round of old labor anthems, imparting a note of urgency to their well-worn lyrics.
or trade with whom you can join hands to do some things
The message urged the taxpayers to join hands with Federal Board of Revenue for prosperous Pakistan.