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Regaining his faculties by slow and faint glimmerings, he at length sat upright; and, displaying a very yellow face, a very red nose, and a very bristly beard: the joint effect of which was considerably heightened by a dirty white handkerchief, spotted with blood, drawn over the crown of his head and tied under his chin: stared ruefully at Ralph in silence, until his feelings found a vent in this pithy sentence:
The joint effect estimate for solid versus cleaner fuel use for heating in combination with rural versus urban was consistent with both additive and multiplicative risks (both p = 0.8).
Still, questions are still open, for example about the joint effect of the substances.
For the latter, we considered an in-person visit by a primary care physician only, by a medical specialist only, or by both a primary care physician and a medical specialist (i.e., joint effect), irrespective of the order in which they occurred.
Also, the joint effect of the information behavior independent variables which include information needs, seeking and sources on information use is presented in Table 2 below.
This analysis took into account the joint effect of price, adherence to two doses of HZ/su, efficacy, and the waning rate of one dose and two doses of HZ/su and ZVL.
The beauty and dexterity embodied is a joint effect of dazzling your eyes and catering your hold.
The stress concentration degrees at the two positions are approximately thrice those of primary rock stress, and they exerted a joint effect on the workface floor strata, resulting in the continuously expanded pressure relief range of the floor strata.
Although obesity and diabetes are established independent risk factors for ischemic stroke [1], their joint effect on stroke risk is not well explored.
We estimate a DD model for each mandate separately and for one that allows for a joint effect. However, because most YAD studies exploit the fact that not all young adults are eligible and so employ a DDD approach, we also estimate two alternative DDD models that rely on different identification strategies.
In Experiment 3, we focused on the joint effect of social distance and event abstractness on differences in self-other risk perception.
Media synergy occurs when the joint effect of multiple media activities creates value beyond that delivered by each individual media channel.

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