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And though many authors have considered joint property ownership as a collective one, getting to speak on the basis of this alleged identity of the existence of a primary communism alive in the common land villages and also about a nearby structural and about the essence between their life and communist political organization.
3-d seismic was completed on our joint property in 2011 and the company anticipates that drilling on our property will take place in 2012 or early 2013.
Fawley Watson Booth and Jones Lang LaSalle are the joint property agents at the Bridges.
JOPlaw, or Joint Property Ownership Law, has a direct influence on the industry.
Ultimately homeowners can group together to serve a developer with a notice to submit a joint property declaration and, failing that, take over the process.
They weren't distinct parties; they were financially--and emotionally-intertwined joint property owners.
The couple are selling as they plan to live with Jininna's mum and dad and buy one larger joint property.
It must be said that Romania was one of the few European countries that kept the possession of joint property until the XX-th century, revealing that villages of free peasants gathered together in village community, they couldn't be totally enslaved, succeeding to remain free, despite lords' wishes for their work slavery.
7m to US-based property fund, Aetos Capital Asia to settle a dispute on a joint property project in the Guangdong province in China.
He does not want to pay his wife spousal support and is seeking that lawyers' fees be paid out of the couple's joint property, the documents show.
The list includes contacting creditors and Social Security, changing names on joint property, and establishing or reviewing financial plans.
The Todhunters took the case to court where a judge declared the wall was joint property in 2007.

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