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And though many authors have considered joint property ownership as a collective one, getting to speak on the basis of this alleged identity of the existence of a primary communism alive in the common land villages and also about a nearby structural and about the essence between their life and communist political organization.
Las Palmas Verdes will be located in the middle of Ciudade, a bigger masterplanned community which is a joint property venture with the Lorenzo clan of La Panday.
The discussion of fault with regard to property distribution took place without in-depth consideration of the underlying basis and rationales for the principles of joint property and, even more importantly, without relating to their modern, theoretical and current bases.
Your friend's husband will have an interest in the property as a result of the property being regarded as joint property of the marriage - regardless of the fact that it previously belonged to the wife.
The joint property model seen in the Dubai portfolio won't be repeated for the company's latest opening in Abu Dhabi, the Gloria Downtown Hotel, which will open in Q4.
In this, circumcision is different than other issues that precedent holds are relevant to divorce proceedings, such as physical custody, allocating the burden of supporting the divorcing couple's children and dividing the couple's joint property.
Lavasa Women's Drive, a joint property of The Times of India and Lavasa Corporation Limited has actively supported the cause of Women's Cancer prevention through early detection since 2009.
In most states, an inheritance becomes the sole property of the spouse who received it, rather than joint property.
If all the parties agree on partition of the joint property through appointment of local commission, the Court shall appoint local commission for partition of the property.
Threadneedle Property Investments Ltd has appointed Jones Lang LaSalle as joint property agents with B8 Real Estate for the unit, named Trans Pennine 6/62, which was built in 2005 by developer PPG Land.
The appointment of a Women Development Secretary and Ombudswomen were also announced to monitor harassment at the workplace and the provision of land for landless people in certain areas of Punjab was announced to that it would be the joint property of husband and wife.

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