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JOINT STOCK BANKS. In England they are a species of quasi corporations, or companies regulated by deeds of settlement; and, in this respect, the stand in the same situation as other unincorporated bodies. But they differ from the latter in this, that they are invested by certain statutes with powers and privileges usually incident to corporations. These enactments provide for the continuance of the partnership, notwithstanding a change of partners. The death, bankruptcy, or the sale by a partner of his share, does not affect the identity of the partnership; it, continues the same body, under the same name, by virtue of the act of parliament, notwithstanding these changes. 7 Geo. IV., c. 46, s. 9.

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5 million) and the new name Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Vietnam Eximbank for short).
Borrower") to open joint-stock bank "ROSBANK" (open
Such a huge injection," exclaimed one trader at a joint-stock bank in Shanghai.
It's like the central bank is fixing a course that we have to follow," said a dealer at a joint-stock bank in Shanghai.
On Friday, the firm has announced the deployment of this new technology at Techcombank, also known as the Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint-Stock Bank.
said Tuesday it has signed a business and capital tie-up agreement with Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank to expand its operating base in the rapidly growing Asian country.
According to this Decree the state share in joint-stock commercial banks must not exceed 50 percent; besides, if enterprises or any other organizations which have a state share of more than 25 percent are not allowed to have a 50 percent share in a joint-stock bank (3).
In the peculiarities of the 1826 Act, this was done by linking the various country banks within the structure of a joint-stock bank headquartered in London.
Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank - Eximbank is one of the first joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam, officially came into operation on January 17, 1990.
From these 38 banks, eighteen were private banks, four were created in a form of joint-stock bank with foreign investors, two were state banks, and the rest had a mixed form of ownership basically in the form of a joint-stock (private/state ownership).
Vietnam Technological & Commercial Joint-stock Bank (Techcombank) was established in 1993, after 21 years of construction and development.
For instance in Vietnam, where IBM has a presence in the cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, the company is working with Asia Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (ACB), one of the largest joint-stock banks in Vietnam.
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