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Aside from radiographic and clinic evidence of a delayed or nonunion event, considerations for the treatment of a Jones fracture with surgical intervention may include regard for the patient population, whether they are a high-performance athlete, military recruit, or simply an informed patient who prefers surgery to the risk of nonunion with nonsurgical treatment.
From championship contenders, the Oklahoma City Thunder are expected to drop to the middle of the pack teams in the first two months of the NBA as it is expected to miss the services of defending league MVP Kevin Durant who went down with Jones fracture in his right foot diagnosed over the weekend.
Some stress fractures heal poorly and often require surgery, such as a break in the elongated bone near the little toe, known as a Jones fracture.
NASDAQ: WMGI), a global orthopaedic medical device company, today announced the commercial launch of its CAROLINA[TM] Jones Fracture System for foot and ankle surgery.
They warn that many who disregard a sprain and forego medical treatment are risking more serious damage, as persistent pain and swelling from an ankle sprain also may indicate a frequently undiagnosed break on the outside of the foot, known as a Jones fracture.