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After this assessment, the journal editors select articles for publication, often only a small percentage of those submitted.
NIH officials now want similar clarifications from other journal editors, according to Gerard J.
Citing more than 100 interviews with scientists and journal editors, Gibbs examines the roots and fallout of this bias against research from developing countries.
The five new studies will not be published in medical journals until later this year, but the journal editors agreed it was imperative to release the information early so it could be used to help patients now being treated.
After all, this process -- a gatekeeping and quality-control system run by journal editors, independent referees and research program directors -- determines which projects receive funding and which studies get published in what journals.
A panel of more than 50 distinguished Linux experts was assembled to nominate products for the awards, which were then sent to the Linux Journal editors who chose the final winners.
Journal editors and authors must work together to ensure the continuation of open communication and scientific objectivity.
Active steps are on to sensitize researchers who actually conduct trials, funding agencies, ethics committee members, pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and medical journal editors on the need to register all trials that need registration.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) will convene a meeting of scientific society leaders, scientific journal editors, scientists, and government officials in Washington, DC, this December to facilitate a discussion of issues related to increasing public access to scientific data.
There have been some meetings of Indian medical journal editors to address issues of quality, standard, global outreach and other concerns.
Under her leadership, the Farm Journal editors have won numerous awards and honors for their coverage of the agricultural industry.
If the referees answer yes to these questions, journal editors usually accept the article for publication.

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