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The sport has rules and scoring and technique, and now that I'm in this suit of armour, I can tell you that anyone who can mount a horse while wearing this stuff, much less accomplish what a jouster is trying to accomplish, is a skilled athlete.
Pain tolerance," the 45-year-old Moore said during a phone interview earlier this week, when asked the key to being a good jouster.
And last year at a competition organised by the Royal Armouries with a trophy presented by the Queen, Toby came a narrow second to one of the royal jousters
Decimated by years-long battle losses, the knights have coalesced into warring fiefs--Lancelot's, Mordred's, Arthur's--with shifting alliances, their blood-hatred appeased only temporarily by the appearance of jousters or surrogate enemies from a nearby village.
He is one of a growing community of suburban, lance-wielding, neo-medieval jousters who live in California and meet regularly for tournaments across America.
The macho warlords, as also the tournament jousters, were rightly tough and showy, beating their breasts, leaping into the air, and clenching fists in displays of bravura.
CarFest, though, is aimed at throwing a party for all ages and the main arena field will see displays from jousters and the JCB Dancing Diggers.
They had bloody jousters on the sideline, knights in full armour going at each other.
Jousters - who ride ex-polo ponies from the international school of riding - have to train to a certain level to be able to compete.
Our jousters use special lances with balsa-wood tips, designed to retain all the spectacle of splintering wood, but without the potential injuries," said English Heritage's regional events manager Karen Pike.
A quick trip around the Castle grounds to take in the glorious summer views, see the trebuchet being fired and witness the jousters in action before they head to Balmoral will surely make the royal wedding one to remember.
Warwick Castle's Birds of Prey show is one of the most popular attractions with visitors to the historic Warwickshire landmark and the castle's famous jousters have also returned for the summer to do battle.