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The Friends of the Royal Pump Room Gardens raised funds to restore these cast iron arches and their suspended illuminated globes to be ready for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
My first one, as a wee infant school lad clutching my bag of Sparks cakes and my Jubilee mug for King George V, a day off school and a party on the green, great.
Residents of Shaftsbury Road, Teesville celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977 with a street party.
More controversial, but effectively pointed, is Armin Lange's contribution, "Divinatorische Traume und Apokalyptik im Jubilaenbuch," which suggests that Jubilees' distance from the tradition of the allegorical dream implies a critical stance towards the genre of apocalyptic; indeed, Lange explicitly denies that Jubilees can be classed as an apocalyptic writing.
Still, on all these readings the primordial generation of what was articulated in the Torah is a basic theme of Jubilees, and constitutes Beate Ego's point of departure in "Heilige Zeit--heiliger Raum--heiliger Mensch," where she shows that for Jubilees rules concerning sabbath, the seclusion of women after childbirth, and modest clothing are grounded in divine activity attested in Genesis, in which Jubilees envisions Israel as participating.
There are souvenir programmes, commemorative china, coins and medals from coronations and jubilees back to the times of Queen Victoria.
Nicky Tibbitts, curatorial officer for social history, said: "Royal jubilees have historically been occasions for community celebrations, typified by the street parties that took place across the United Kingdom for the Queen's coronation and silver jubilees.
Through the eye of the camera and with the skill of writers and editors, Jubilee offered a new vision of the Church "in all her beauty: her intellectual eminence, her hard work, her charity, her spirit of true peace.
7) Jubilee magazine, the work of Catholics both lay and religious, witnessed the Church's existence and "documented the struggles of people (far from all of them Catholic) to live the Word given us so long ago.
John Lateran, and initiated a ceremonial opening for the extraordinary Jubilee Year 1423.
When the door is closed on January 6, 2001 (Epiphany), the ceremony will take place in reverse, with the Pope applying three trowels of mortar and laying three stones to set the seal on the door until the next Jubilee.