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JUDEX. This word has several significations: 1. The judge, one who declares the law, quijus dicit; one who administers justice between the parties to a cause, when lawfully submitted to him. 2. The judicial power, or the court. 3. Anciently, by judex was also understood a juror. Vide Judge.

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Il a tout sacrifie aux Fantomas, Squelettus, Spectras, Vampiras qui nous rasent aujourd'hui," a judgment echoed by Andre Antoine in his dismissal of Judex: "Monsieur Louis Feuillade est certainement l'homme qui a le plus contribue a degouter du cinema tous les gens auxquels il reste quelque lueur de bon sens et de raison." (2)
And the traditional standards of administrative law are two-fold--which flow from two principles of natural justice--(i) the right to be heard (audi alteram partem) and (2) right to be judged impartially (Nemo judex in sua causa), buttressed by rules relating to such factors as "legitimate expectations" of the parties and the "reasonableness" of a decision (See Baker v.
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judex in sua causa ("no one should be a judge in his own
ilk zamanlarda bu yazilar, Porter's College Chums (1907) ya da Fransiz filmleri olan Judex (1916) veya Mireille (1922) filmlerinde oldugu gibi, hareketh goruntulere yerlestirilirdi.
Gethin is unbeaten in nine fights (one draw) and won the vacant British Masters belt with a third-round stoppage of Judex Meemea last November.
Light-welterweight: Dean Harrison (Wolverhampton) stopped Judex Meemea (London) round six.