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Al last, Dyzenhaus's Hypothesis will be used to verify if decisions taken under the shadow of the law are similar to decisions taken under state of exception, and if they may lead to the so called judger's dictatorship.
Judgers require a very structured, ordered, and predictable environment to be happy.
However, a two-way contingency table analysis revealed a relationship between students' perceptions of Jesus as a Judger or a Perceiver and one of the religiosity variables, the importance of modeling life after that of Jesus, Pearson [chi square](1, N = 78) = 9.01, p = .003, Cramer's V = .34, with those claiming it very important to model their lives after Jesus more often seeing Him as a Judger, and those claiming it somewhat important to model Jesus primarily seeing Him as a Perceiver.
(6.) Ginsberg's gloss on this line makes explicit in retrospect what revisions to his manuscript had made obscure: "'Heavy judger of men': Ref.
The fourth dimension pits the judger against the perceiver.
Paul Sawyer comments on this side of the goddess: This is the vengeful Athena, whose emblem is the gorgon, the judger of men as the good Athena is their comforter.
the requirements of a self-conscious judger of objects .
Team 2's leader was a judger (J), which was consistent with the other team members.
Perceivers usually have offices that look chaotic to the Judger. There may be piles of work, pencils and pens in disarray, books on the bookshelf in haphazard order--but to the Perceiver, this is not a problem.
Sometimes subject to the will of the judger, a judgment of the beauty of a willow tree may be derivative from practices of judging according to identifiable, though not explicitly stated, aesthetic constraints--this we may concede.
"If you are a Judger, you probably thrive on order; you have a special system for keeping things in the refrigerator and dish drainer, hangers in your closets, and pictures on your walls....